Our Story

Market Brewing Company Inc.

Our Story

Friends since high school and both serial entrepreneurs, Shane and Josh met up over lunch to catch up.  While reminiscing about their high school hockey days, their family lives and their current careers, they shared the conversation the same way many Canadians do – over a few beers.  

Both Shane and Josh spent a majority of their lives in a hockey rink, they talked about missing the community aspect of being in the arena every day.  The welcome home feeling about going to the dressing room day in and day out.  As you get older you realize that life happens faster than you’d like and you’re just not able to slow things down all of the time.

Continuing their conversation around that sense of community, Shane talked about his desire to move his young family into Newmarket because he believed it was the perfect town to raise his two children.  They spoke about the lack of a true community hub in Newmarket.  Something the city could really be proud of. Something Newmarketers could call their own.

And that’s when the proverbial light bulb flicked on.

What if we could create something really special right here in Newmarket for Newmarket?  What if we could build a community hub where people could feel proud to show up and share moments with their loved ones and friends?  What if we built this hub around something that everyone loves?  What if we built a home grown brewery in Newmarket to create the most incredibly unique events in the city?

What if we built all of this while also producing premium, high-quality beer in house?

Fast forward 12 months later, after recruiting award winning brewer Ethan Allured who moved across the country to be a part of the movement – the three came up with the Market Brewing Company.  

We’re more than just Newmarket’s ‘locker room’ and provider of the most unique events in the city.  We’re also your new favourite place to share a laugh, a song, a joke and a beer.  

We’ve built a place that includes the comfort of our community with the same familiarity (and none of the smell) as the locker room we’ve all grown up in.

Welcome to the Market Brewing Company.  Have a seat, we’ll fill you a glass!

Our Founders

Meet the founders of Market Brewing Company!
Shane McCarthy, Josh Domingues, and Ethan Allured.

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