Bear Hug IPA

7.0% - 55 IBU

Beer Description:
A balanced IPA with big aromas of juicy pineapple, tangerine & evergreen. Hazy & deep gold in colour, a bready & light caramel base is the foundation for assertive bitterness with citrusy & dank flavours.

PLEASE NOTE: This beer is unfiltered and can have some sediment at the bottom of the can, this is not harmful if drank.

Beer Story:
Our founding team at Market Brewing spent years planning out our brewery, sourcing materials and installing the equipment. The first beer we shared was a Bear Hug IPA. We poured a full glass of Bear Hug and embraced the struggle of the last few months while excitedly looking forward to our future.
Our Bear Hug IPA represents the ups and down of pulling an idea together from scratch.
You don’t need to care about any of this – all you need to know is this is a damn good IPA and you’re going to love it.
Bottoms up.

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