Flee To Pennsylvania Wit

4.5% - 21 IBU - Canadian Brewing Awards - Bronze Medal 2017

Beer Description:
Refreshing citrus on top of a dry backbone lightened by the use of wheat. Complex but subtle orange and spice aroma and flavour.

PLEASE NOTE: This beer is unfiltered and can have some sediment at the bottom of the can, this is not harmful if drank.

Beer Story:
In 1801, Joseph Hill was Newmarket’s first settler.  He created a small mill in the clearing of a forest later to be named Newmarket; along with a store and small house.  Elisa Beman, an enterprising businessman, soon moved to town and married into the powerful Family Compact ruling circle.  Beman eventually purchased Hill’s mill, house and store. Beman, noticing Hill did not claim legal tender to land of his tannery, purchased the site and evicted Hill.  In 1812, upon losing it all, Hill fled to Pennsylvania, never to return to the land he first settled. We crafted this beer for Joseph Hill, a trailblazer who couldn’t seem to catch a break.  This beer is also for Elisa Beman; because everyone loves a winner.

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