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Bear Hug IPA

7.0% - 55 IBU

A balanced IPA with big aromas of juicy pineapple, tangerine & evergreen. Hazy & deep gold in colour, a bready & light caramel base is the foundation for assertive bitterness with citrusy & dank flavours.

Beswick Lager

5.0% - 24 IBU

Crisp and refreshing. Straw to light gold in colour, slightly hazy, white head. Unfiltered for smooth, full flavour. Balanced malt sweetness and hop bitterness. This beer is modeled after the lagers produced in Dortmund.

Flee To Pennsylvania Wit

4.5% - 21 IBU - Canadian Brewing Awards - Bronze Medal 2017

Brewed in recognition of Newmarket’s first settlers, this beer offers refreshing citrus on top of a dry backbone lightened by the use of wheat. Complex but subtle orange and spice aroma and flavour.

Dark Humour

Dark Wit - 4.25 - 20 IBU

Unmalted Wheat contributes a smooth body and mouthfeel, which sharpens at the end of the tongue with the spices and higher level of carbonation. This is a winter beer through and through, and it won’t last long.

Opening Midnight

Brut IPA - 6% - 22 IBU

A beer that tastes like champagne? Conquered it. Brewed specifically for New Years 2019, our purposely over-carbonated Opening Midnight gives you a reason to celebrate, besides to ring in the new year.

Double Minded

Single Hopped Double IPA - 8% - 65 IBU

Similar to our Single Minded Series we are showcasing of a single hop in an assertive profile, These double IPA’s deliver a great punch with the feature hop in a well balanced way. Past hops that have been used are Ekuanot.

Leslie Crusher Golden Ale

4.1% - 34 IBU

A light and sessionable ale, not holding back on flavour or body. Malt driven with notes of honey and fresh baked bread, balanced by a firm supporting hop bitterness. Flavour and body abound, this beer will quench your thirst.

Metropolitain Porter

5% - 30 IBU

Our Metropolitan Porter is populated with pronounced chocolate flavour, finishing with a smooth coffee-like roast. Don’t be fooled by the dark colour, it is light in body, even Lager drinkers can’t say no to this one.

Leslie Street Pale Ale

5.0% - 38 IBU

This dry hopped pale ale is a tasty testament to how easily brewers can pander to beer geeks. Brewed with Mosaic® and Hallertau Blanc hops, this beer has too many aroma descriptors to write in this small space.

Useless Crayon White IPA

6.0% - 50 IBU

A mashup of the classic Belgian Wit and North America’s obsession with hops, this White IPA is as hazy as it is citrusy… Building on a delicate backbone of wheat and pilsener malt, bright notes of tangerine and mandarin orange.

PLEASE NOTE: This beer is unfiltered and can have some sediment at the bottom of the can, this is not harmful if drank.

Strawberry Fields – Catharina Sour

4.8% - 7 IBU

Pouring a hazy pink, this take on a Brazilian kettle soured beer with fresh fruit added is our Ontario spin. The nose is bursting with jammy strawberry character, thanks to a collaboration with a local strawberry farmer.

Phantom – New England IPA

7.7% - 55 IBU

A fruity hop aroma up front – think citrus marmalade with a side of melon and pineapple. Some dank notes on the tail end add some earthy counterpoints to the mix.

Single Minded – Single Hopped Pale Ale Series

5.5% - 36 IBU

With this beer series, we decided to narrow our vision and focus on one thing at a time. The Single Minded series of pale ales feature a new single hop variety for every batch.

Juicilicious 2.0 – Hoppy Tart (Kettle Sour)

5.4% - 8 IBU

This beer pops with vibrant zesty limeade, tropical passion fruit, luscious mango, and candied pineapple thanks to a heaping dry hop with some Australian Vic Secret and Enigma hops.

Kodiak Double IPA

9% - 75 IBU - Ontario Brewing Awards - Silver Medal 2018

A big bear of a beer. Ridiculously dry hopped with El Dorado, Amarillo, Mosaic and Huell Melon. Aromas of mango, pineapple, stone fruit and pine. Don’t get too close or it will rip your face off.

Black Bear Schwarzbier

5.2% - 20 IBU

Question… what kind of bear is best? FALSE! Black bear. Black bear pours a deep brown with ruby undertones and a creamy ivory head.  The nose is roasted with a rich bready and crackery backbone… MICHAEL!

New Life – Brown Ale

4.4% - 25 IBU

200 pounds of local raspberries went into this American Brown Ale. Light tartness on the tongue leads into raspberry flavour and is followed by a roasted chocolate character reminiscent of Black Forest Cake.

Y So Sour – Raspberry Gose

3.7% - 7 IBU (June 2017)

A light base of pilsener malt and wheat lets the fruit aromas play centre stage and undertones of lemon zest accentuate the bright berry flavours with a heightened perception of fresh fruit.

High Treason Belgian Ale

7.5% - 30 IBU (June 2017)

Tangerine aromas tempt while lemon flavours linger on the lips. In this beer, coriander and szechuan peppercorns, while normally considered spices, add to the bright citrus taste.

Speedy Recovery – Double White IPA

8% - 65 IBU (June 2018)

Huge citrus aromas, a bright bitterness that dances atop a crisp wheat backbone. The perfect complement to summer nights and rock ‘n roll at Big Wreck Concerts, whom it is brewed in collaboration with.

Defender Ale – Blonde Ale

4% - 25 IBU (July 2018)

In collaboration with Newmarket’s own Travis Dermott of the Toronto Maple Leafs, we’ve brewed Defender Ale. A laser like hop focus with a stiff malt backbone; the beer maintains a lightweight, clean and refreshing profile.

Sacrifice Everything – Vermont Pale Ale

5.6% - 30 IBU (October 2018)

We pulled out all the stops on this Hazy Double Dry-Hopped Vermont Style Pale Ale. Dry hopped fermented ft. two post-fermentation, for massive aroma and flavour. Think fresh-squeezed orange juice, stone fruit, melon, and mango.

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