Am I allowed to bring my own food.

Yes you can! We also have pop-up kitchens here Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Do you serve other drinks other than beer?

We sure do! We also serve Ernest Cider, white wine, red wine, pop and water. For private events we do also offer basic bar rail.

Can I get beer to go?

You sure can, we offer all our beer to go in cans, growlers and in kegs. However, after 11pm we are unable to sell beer to go.  The upside to this is we serve until 2am on our later nights. So you are always welcome to stick around for a pint instead.

Can I book the taproom for a private event

Yes you can! Please contact info@marketbrewingco.com or give us a call at 905.906.2337 with all the details and we’ll help out from there.

Do you take reservations?

We sure do, it can be as small as 4 people and up to 100 people. For groups of 15 or more there is a $250 deposit that will need to be taken, however you will get that back after the reservation.

For all reservations please contact info@marketbrewingco.com or give us a call at 905.906.2237

How do I order beer for my bar/restaurant?

To set up a commercial account please call the brewery at 905-906-2337 or email smccarthy@marketbrewingco.com

Can I order a keg?

We have kegs available for sale but do not take pre-orders.  Come by the taproom to see what we have available and leave with a keg today!

Can I get a keg of one of your seasonal or specialty beers?

Market Brewing sells seasonal and specialty beers.  These beers may be subject to limited availability.  Come by the taproom to see what is available.

How much is a keg?

Prices vary per beer.  We are happy to discuss all availability and pricing in our taproom.

How big are your kegs?

Market Brewing currently stocks 20L and 58L kegs. A 20L keg can roughly serve 40 pints and a 58L keg, 115 pints.

How much is a keg deposit?

We charge $30 deposit which is refunded when the keg returns.

When can I get a keg?

We would love to sell you a keg anytime our taproom is open.  Check out the hours at the bottom of this page

What is floating in my beer?

We do not filter our beers here as it takes away flavour so you may see some sediment floating in a glass. It is safe to drink and will not hurt you. If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us info@marketbrewingco.com

What is a growler and how long does it last?

A growler is a refillable jug.  Once opened, we recommend consuming it within 24 hours, if kept unopened in the fridge, it should be consumed within 3-5 days.

How big is a growler?

Our growlers come in 64 ounce jugs.

How much is a growler?

The growler itself costs $7 to purchase and can be refilled whenever you are in.  The cost per fill varies depending on the style of the beer.

How do I take care of my growler?

When you’ve emptied your growler, rinse it with warm water and give it a full air dry.  Don’t forget to talk to it and tell it how much you love it at least once a week.

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