The Team


Shane McCarthy

Founder & President

Shane comes from a corporate background in the insurance industry.  He founded Market Brewing with the dream of opening a brewery that focuses on awesome, handmade, local, craft beers and to create a space where the community will gather to enjoy these wonderful beverages.  Shane is a hop lover who you’ll always see with a big smile on his face and a great pair of funky socks on his feet.  
When not working at the brewery Shane can be found in his element spending time with his two children and wife.  He also loves strapping on the pads and playing some puck when time permits.


Ethan Allured

Head Brewer

Ethan Allured is the Head Brewer at Market Brewing Co. While in university he tried a Belgian beer that was such a revelation, it inspired him to start brewing. Using home brewing equipment borrowed from his Chemistry advisor, he began with simple recipes that evolved along with his tastes. Deciding that brewing was more interesting than a research career, he attended UC Davis and sat the IBD Diploma in Brewing exams in 2011. After brewing in Vancouver for 5 years, he brings his production knowledge and love of crafting flavourful beers to Market Brewing Co. When not brewing, cleaning or fixing something, you can find him dirtying up a kitchen, trying new restaurants, cycling, hiking or paddling off into the distance with a good beer.


Colin MacMillan

4th Line Grinder / Sales Rep

Being on the fourth line your job is simple; get beers in deep and go to the dirty areas. Keep grinding and good things will happen!

Piers Simpkin

Piers Simpkin

Taproom & Events Manager

Piers is a man that wears many hats, from graphic design, tour/event management to being the family Apple support genius.

Spending half of his 20’s tour managing and booking bands throughout North American gave him the opportunity to visit and sample so many great craft breweries. Enjoying countless beer styles brought him to becoming a beer sommelier. This exposure developed his love of hops and supporting local industries.

When Piers isn’t at Market Brewery you can find him discovering the latest craft beer or off hiking and travelling with his wife by his side.

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