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We got tired of spending our days in a traditional office so we figured we’d create an adult playground where others can share great moments over great beer.
Shane McCarthy, Founder & President


You want to hear live music on our welcoming patio on a beautiful summer day with a delicious freshly brewed craft beer in hand?  So do we!


Looking to show off your artistic side? Join us for one of our monthly Craft vs Crafty night!

Newmarket Ontario Brewery - Team Gathering

You want a place to get together for a team meeting in a different atmosphere or work independently outside the office on your laptop for an afternoon?  Mi casa su casa!

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We wanted all of these things too.  So we built it and we would love to have you come in to share a story, a laugh and a deliciously brewed fresh craft beer.  You’ll find Josh and I roaming through the brewery, taproom or behind the bar serving you; our customers and friends.

You’ll notice our mascot is our bear.  Originally, we wanted to brand our brewery after the stock market and incorporate Wall Street’s bull and bear.  Once we got further into our brand we realized we absolutely hated our original idea!  Why would we always want to have a reminder of ‘the man’?  F that am I right?

We still love the bear logo though, so you’ll see our bear on a bunch of our apparel or cans doing ridiculous things like riding a lawnmower with a beer, tanning on a beach with a beer or chilln’ in a boat.. with a beer.  There are rumours that he may actually stroll around the brewery from time to time.  But we haven’t been able to confirm nor deny that yet.

Anyways, I’m getting carried away.  Thanks for checking out our site.  I can’t wait to offer you a freshly crafted Market Brewing Company beer when you stop by!

– Shane McCarthy

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