Fancy Sparkling Water

We teamed up with Fancy Sparkling Water, for when you’re feeling fancy, or for when you’re not. It’s really not all that fancy. Pure, filtered water, with electrolytes added for taste. Carbonated to the same level as beer, not as fizzy as pop. That’s it. Nothing fancy.

We love our bubbles here at Market so when we had the opportunity to try something new and help some friends out at the same time it was a win for everyone!!

We currently have Fancy Original and Lemon Lime now available to order online as well as at the Taproom!

Fancy - Original
Fancy Sparkling Water

Fancy - Lemon Lime
Fancy Sparking Water - Lemon Lime

Single Can Order

Full Case of Original

"We can all use some Fancy in our lives!"
 - Fancy Sparkling Water