The Return of Shower Beer & It's Giving Back!


We have been honoured to work with Hockey for Grace for the past few years. Donations go towards Emily's House Hospice for Children. All Bingo donations during the month of February, and 25 cents of each can of Shower Beer go to Emily's House. If you'd like to learn more about Grace's Story, scan the QR code on the can of Shower Beer.

Shower Beer, Hockey For Grace, Local Charity Beer
If you’ve never had a beer in the shower, you’ll have to try with this one. After a long day of work, or a bunch of sweaty chores, or a hard fought game, crack open a cold one. This crisp easy-drinker will quench your thirst. The clean malt, hops, and yeast trio balance each other with a smooth finish.

"can you catch them all...." That's right, there are 8 different can artworks for this very special release!